Sculpture / instalation
Artıst statement

I had a lot of thought about what my work is and came to the conclusion that it represents my perception of the world and my thought process. I mainly aim to create a balanced image which extends our experience of reality.
In my opinion, there is movement in everything, a flow of energy that we can detect if we pay close attention to an object. changing the value and status of an material is what motivates me to be an artist and why I like to work with less traditional materials.
I also have a fascination for the limitation of human perception and the urge to always doubt what I see or hear and perceive beyond this. Not only seeing something for what it is or what it was but for what I can be.

When I look at the world around me I am not only looking at the shading colors and linear form. I look at the things that look out of place and trigger visual effects, how all these components clash and trigger visual stimulations.
My works are not as much a representation of these visual abstractions as they are a representation of my thought process around these abstractions. I mainly work with lines and patterns which represent every possibility and every path of thought in my mind. I also use repeating patterns which brings movement and energy through dimensions. This is a representation of my own conclusions and a reference to the energy of life.

The end result of a work often differs from my initial concept because my ideas and interpretations change as i work. This means that the action is inseparable from the process in my work.
I’m a person that likes debates and is very direct. But I do not want to vent my opinions in my work. Opinions for me are often caught in binary thought programs. They are conditioned and rigid. My work is above all dialectic and alive.
I perceive my work as a visual language which allows me to show the viewer my experience of the world. My philosophy and thoughts in an abstract form. Working on a artwork is like Meditation for me. It makes everything understandable and gives me peace, conviction, and trust in myself.

my art is based on me but it's not about knowing me or thinking I'm interesting. It's a dialog of thought. A Dialect of a language that only I speak. There is no need to fully understand it or look very deep if you don’t want to. I just want to present the beauty of my unspoken narrative and try to create a portal that allows you to step out of the pressures of everyday life.